SHOA Annual Meeting 10-14-10

The board and the community met to discuss the following topics: Board member elections Community management ACC duties & responsiblities, committee nominations 2011 dues increase 2011 budget Dues payment options Overview of websites The end of annual newsletters Landscape improvement projects Elks Lodge Park renovations Download minutes here. Download SHOA’s 2011 budget here.

Board Meeting 9-9-2010

The board met to discuss the following topics: HOA management transition SHOA website Monthly communications to the board from Highland New bank account Current financials 2011 budget Tax returns 2011 vendor bids Sunrise Court common area renovation Fence repairs Set annual meeting date – Thursday 10/14 from 7pm to 8:30pm Download the minutes here.

Board Meeting 7-15-10

The Board met to discuss the following agenda items: Introduction to new Community Managers Financial overview Grounds maintenance Follow up Board actions  Download the minutes here.

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