Below is information about some of the neighbors in the Sundance Community

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4126 Amber Street

Terri and Mike Brouse have lived at 4126 Amber Street since Dec 1986. They are original owners of the house. Mike is an oil painter who works from his garage studio space. He exhibits his work locally at Creative Framing Gallery in Louisville, and at The Fine Art & Frame Gallery in Fort Collins. He also participates annually in Boulder Open Studios. ( Mike is also a business consultant for a Fortune 200 Co. called Emerson. Terri does interior design and style wellness consulting upon request. She specializes is making small spaces beautiful, livable and organized. They both enjoy biking, walking, skating, skiing, swimming at the Elks, and taking care of Milo their British Shorthair cat. Mike and Terri can be reached at 303-444-2461.

4088 Dawn Ct., 303.443.8101

Mike runs his own computer consulting company, MacAssist, specializing in Apple Macintosh computers. Why fight viruses and an uns operating system on the PC when the Apple operating system is fast, inexpensive, s and easier to use? Check out or call Mike if you have any questions or need assistance. Joni spends her day chasing their twin boys, Matthew and Jordan. In Joni's previous life she managed PlayFair Toys and is very knowledgeable in the best educational toys and books for children. Joni also has two green thumbs and is happy to share her gardening expertise with others. Mike's email, Joni's email, Visit the McDaniel Website

4140 Amber St

David Julie has lived in Sundance since 1992.  He grows native prairie grasses and wildflowers to support insects and birds, including monarch caterpillars, solitary bees and wasps, bumble bees, hummingbirds, warblers, and wrens.  He provides free seeds for Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa), the most suitable host plant in this region for monarch caterpillars.  He also provides seeds for other native wildflowers and wooden nesting blocks for native leaf-cutter bees and beneficial solitary wasps.  David’s e-mail address is

4057 Dawn Ct., 303.449.0601

Kim Rider and David Meldman own a magazine distribution company. The company, DJM Distribution, Inc. provides display space and distribution service for "Free" publications in Metro Denver, Boulder County and the Vail Valley. Kim's administrative office is out of the home. Kim & David have many sport specific hobbies including mountain/road cycling, skiing/ski mountaineering, yoga and barefoot water-skiing. Kim also enjoys gardening and gourmet cooking. Kim & David have lived in the Sundance Community since 1987

4055 Dawn Ct.

K.J. McCorry is the owner of her own efficiency and productivity consulting company called Officiency, Inc. She provides hands-on organizing services, training, facilitating, consulting in the areas of paper management, time management, computer organization, project management, workflow, process and procedures development. Visit her website at for more information.

4145 Autumn Court. 

Jann Scott has lived here since 2003. He runs Channel 1 Networks and You can also see him on cable TV 22 in his show 22Boom evenings since 1989. He attempts to grow flowers and has various bird feeders up for songbirds and hummingbirds, but Blue Jays Magpies and ravens often visit his yard. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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