Outside Home Improvement Projects

The following home improvement projects require HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval:

· Paint on the outside of the home

· Landscaping

· Fence changes

· Remodel changes that affect the exterior and/or increase the footprint of the home

· Structures erecting on the property including sheds, porches, outbuildings, playgrounds, etc.

Please complete the SHOA ARR Form and submit 30 days PRIOR to any improvements to the HOA Community Manager, Nick Conley nick@highlandrealty.com. The ACC has 30 days to review the requests and provide a determination. Any outside structural improvements require a permit from the City of Boulder Planning and Development department. The permit must be submitted at the time of the home improvement ACC request. We encourage you to review the Sundance covenants available on our Document page (refer to Articles VI and VII).

NOTE: Our Sundance subdivision is Planned Urban Development (PUD). This PUD was an agreement between the City of Boulder and the developer in restrictions of use with our particular community. In our PUD there is a requirement of 12% of open space ratio to structures. This includes not only our common areas but our house lots as well. At this time, based on previous permits, our open space ratio is now less than 12% and therefore it is highly unlikely that any additional structures will be permitted in our community. Homeowners are certainly welcome to contact the City of Boulder and obtain a permit as well as a minor modification request. Home improvements that entail a structure being built such as sheds, decks, patios, house additions, and playgrounds will only be accepted by the Architectural Review Requests (ARR) if the proper City of Boulder permitting and minor modification request has been approved.

Trash, Recycling and Compost

Based on our covenant guidelines, please place trashcans out of sight in front or back of your home. Trashcans ideally should be placed in your garage or the side of your home (if not facing your neighbors front door).

We encourage our neighbors to recycle and compost. Pick up services are offered through Western Disposal and Tuesday is the day of pick up for our neighborhood. The following recycling guidelines are available on the Western Disposal website.

The President of the SHOA offers on her website information to recycle and donate unwanted items. If you are cleaning out your home or garage and are unsure what to do with unwanted items, then you can use this as a resource: Eco-officiency Recycling and Donation Resources

Lawn Care and Weeding

Please keep lawns well maintained and weeds to a minimum. We are an eco-friendly neighborhood and we appreciate if homeowners use non-toxic pesticides and fertilizers. OrganoLawn has some good natural and organic lawn care tips.

Outside Security Lighting

Please be sure to check your auto sensor outside lights on your garage. Our neighborhood does not have streetlights therefore these garage lights are essential to keep our neighborhood well-lit at night for security and safety reasons. Porch lights deter thefts by up to 80%.

Snow Removal

The SHOA contracts to have our common area sidewalks and driveways shoveled if there is 2 inches of snow or more. The SHOA does not shovel property owner sidewalks nor the streets. Boulder law states that homeowners must shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after it stops snowing. Please see Boulder Sidewalk Snow Removal guidelines on their website.

You may also contact our snow removal vendor, GreenSpaces to contract with them separately to shovel your driveway or sidewalk.


We appreciate everyone driving 15mph in our neighborhood and not texting/ talking on cell phones. We consider the safety of our children and pets a high priority.

Boulder has a program on safe routes to school that show the best streets and pathways for kids to commute.

Annual Members Meeting

Our annual homeowners meetings are held annually in October at the New Day Church on the corner of Jay and 28th Streets. The property manager sends out an announcement for this meeting 30 days prior to the date. Topics covered at the meeting include review of financial statements and next year’s budget, board of director elections and homeowner concerns.

Dog Care

Please be mindful to pick up your dog waste and keep dogs on leash within the Sundance Community Common Areas. Also be mindful of habitual barking dogs in our neighborhood. If you have any dog homeowner issues to report, please contact the City of Boulder Animal Control.


Nextdoor is a private social neighborhood network. The City of Boulder uses Nextdoor to connect with residents and share neighborhood-specific information. Many of our homeowners use this app to share announcements, giveaways, items of need or lost animals. We encourage you to sign up and become part of the NextDoor network.