Board Meeting 11-11-08

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The Board met on 11-11-08 to discuss landscaping.

The Board discussed the following agenda items:

•    Election of Directors and Officers.
•    Sign conflict of Interest forms.
•    Scheduling for the next year.
•    Projects: Common Area Master Plan (CAMP).
•    Review of Landscaping contract, snow removal contract, and Organo Lawn contract.
•    Xeriscaping architects update

Here are the minutes.

Board Meeting 9-30-08

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The Board met to discuss the following agenda:

  • Approval of SHOA 2009 budget.
  • Agenda for Homeowners meeting
  • Board Nomination/ Vote: Review the nomination process at the board meeting
  • Bob, Barb and Paul have notified Olena that they will be stepping down from the SHOA board and not serving for the 2009 fiscal year.
  • Review/Update on landscape contacts
  • Newsletter and final dates for President’s letter and Shawna’s article on xeriscaping

Download the minutes here.

Board Meeting 6-3-08

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The Board met to discuss the irrigation system in the community. Issues on the were:

  • Why there was a large water bill for last year
  • How to minimize the cost of water for future years
  • Repairs required to lower water usage and keep the system working
  • A master plan for lowering water usage over the next 10 years

Download the minutes here.